The existing reputation and professionalism created over a sizable period of time is unparallel to anyone else in the industry.

At MIG 03 Inc., we intend to become a source of gratification.

We strive to provide the complete scope of service through a proactive approach, disseminating our own knowledge to ensure effective practices are employed.

We hope to grow our operations through steady and consistent service in an effort to harness mutually beneficial customer client relations.

We aim to provide the best possible service in terms of global standards, and employ economies of scale in order to exceed our customer’s expectations.


MIG 03 Inc. is involved in providing overall consistency and ensuring maximum satisfaction for all our customers. Providing tailored services for all our customers to ensure that our services comply with all of their demands and expectations.

MIG 03 Inc. is committed to the overall safety and wellbeing of all parties involved directly or indirectly. Our safety policies focus on the safety of our drivers, other motorists on the streets, pedestrians, and of course, the cargo of our customers.

We hire only the most trained and responsible drivers to undertake such a responsibility. We ensure an accident-free service through an effective safety program.

MIG 03 Inc. strictly abides by the policies and guidelines set by the Uniform Intermodal Interchange facilities Access Agreement (UIIA).

Safety is our obligation to the society and our customers. We ensure that all our transport vehicles are reliable and driven by professionals. We practice an aggressive preventive measure program to ensure proper maintenance and inspection of all the vehicles and equipment.

We try our best to simplify every process for our customers. Through our extensive experience and expertise in the drayage industry, we can communicate with all our counterparts and ensure all the demands and requirements of our customers are met.

We pride in our customer service, interacting based on the simple principle of honesty and integrity. Dispatchers are able to provide updates on the status cargo delivery as requested by our customers.

We have selectively invested in the best possible transport vehicles to ensure maximum reliability. We ensure the best possible prices through fuel efficiency to reduce our variable costs, maximizing cargo utilization, and the overall versatility of our vehicles.


At MIG 03 Inc., we deliver performance rather than freight.

Our daily operations have the single objection to become the epitome of reliability and provide a service which is considered as a benchmark in an extremely competitive market.


MIG 03 Inc. is dedicated to provide world class intermodal logistics service which exceeds the requirements of international best practices standards. Through quality service at the most competitive prices, we aim to nurture long-term relationships with our customers.


MIG 03 Inc., a family oriented company treating our customers as our own kin.