Why Choose Us?

We are regarded by our customers as a professional firm, reliable in terms of performance and service. We are an asset-based company, with our team being our biggest asset. Our dedicated and hardworking staff ensures safe and on-time delivery, and that is why we have quickly created a name for ourselves in the drayage industry.

Our Reputation in Chicagoland

Our name, MIG 03 Inc. is well known in the metropolitan area of Chicagoland. Our dedication over the years has paid off and we are proud to claim that our name has become synonyms with quality trucking service.
Our reputation of providing only the most competitive rates further enabled us to acquire a significant market share from our competitors.

Our safety oriented approach has created incredible amount of goodwill in Chicago, we not only care for our customer’s cargo, we go the extra mile to take care of our society. All of our drivers are experienced and qualified to handle the responsibilities entrusted to them.

MIG 03 INC. – UIIA Certified Service

We use all of the best practices associated with the intermodal trucking and drayage industry. Our business model focuses on the rules and guidelines provided by the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA).
This means the service provision and equipment utilization is all in compliance with the industry’s highest standards, thus ensuring the highest quality of service through the most qualified drivers and the most up-to-date equipment.

Investing for Tomorrow

We understand that in our competitive trucking industry we are required to perform and deliver or we lose our customer’s loyalty and respect. We have managed to exponentially increase our efficiency through the usage of latest available technology.
We have incorporated the usage of latest technology in our dispatch service by using DiSc mobile service in our daily operations. Through its revolutionary electronic proof of delivery and mobile dispatch service, we can provide our customer a service unparalleled in the region of Chicagoland. Our proof of delivery system is also compatible with the Android operation system, thus providing incredible convenience and accessibility to our customers.

Expert Navigation

In our endless quest to achieve maximum efficiency, our drivers are trained according to the best possible navigation practices. This has enabled us to cut out wasteful routes from our service and ensure timely delivery of your cargo.
Our truck drivers practice utmost cognizance in terms of terminal safety and regulation, their knowledge of the citywide network and traffic zones, along with our state-of-the-art dispatch service providing real time alerts of traffic congestions and construction areas allows them to make their drop-offs within their narrow timeframe.